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specialists in social infrastructure planning for Residential developments across the UK

Educational Facilities Management Partnership provides specialist consultancy for an extensive portfolio of house-builders and developers their planners and legal advisers. One of our core areas of consulting expertise is school place planning. For large property developments, Educational Facilities Management is able to employ sophisticated methodological approaches in order to generate population models based on up-to-date demographic information. These models take into account time, migration rates, housing trends and other impacting factors in order to give an accurate forecast of the demand for school places that will likely arise as a result of the development. This information is not only useful from a socio-economic impact assessment point of view, but also gives an informative insight into how much the development team should potentially be paying to the Local Authorities as a result of the planned development.

housing development impact assessments

At Educational Facilities Management we have an excellent reputation as the leading expert in social infrastructure planning and negotiations with Local Education Authorities and planning authorities. One of our key specialist areas is the provision of housing development impact assessments, which analyse the effect of new housing on local schools and other relevant infrastructure. In producing school forecasting data for a local area, we are able to generate evidence to support new developments and often generate considerable savings for house-builders and developers, as well as providing invaluable guidance to schools regarding school place provision. In preparing and presenting well-researched and accurate evidence Educational Facilities Management uses housing development impact assessments to consistently negotiate fair and appropriate Section 106 agreements with Local Authorities.

Consulting and advice for house builders, property developers and their planning teams

Since 1990, Educational Facilities Management has worked with an extensive list of  property developers and their advisers in relation to school place planning, strategising with Local Authorities and producing housing development impact assessments. Our long-standing relationships with developers are based on Educational Facilities Management’s proven skills in negotiations with Education Authorities, and the subsequent arrangement of many reasonable Section 106 agreements with Local Planning Authorities. 

From appearing as expert witnesses at planning appeals to negotiating with educational planning authorities, our expertise and strong track record in the field of education-related planning obligations position Educational Facilities Management as one of the industry leaders for school place planning, negotiations and Local Authority strategy.

Tailor-made solutions

At Educational Facilities Management, we take on projects of all sizes and budgets, from one-off jobs to 25-year assignments, to multi-million-pound developments. In order to provide an exceptional service to such a wide range of projects, we employ different strategies and methodologies based on the size of the development:
  • For small and medium sized developments, our strategy centres on building a positive and constructive relationship with LEA strategists
  • For large developments, sophisticated school place forecasting models are carried out to calculate costs and generate savings for developers
A consulting service built around you

At Educational Facilities Management, we base our service offering around the specific requirements for your project. We are able to adapt our services according to the level of involvement and input you want us to have. To discuss our service options in more detail, call us on 020 3367 2208.
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