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Established in 1990, Educational Facilities Management (EFM) has been providing specialist advice and guidance related to the maintenance and development of educational establishments in the UK for over 25 years. We are extremely proud to have been associated many schools, colleges and academies across the United Kingdom. At Educational Facilities Management, we are constantly running a variety of improvement schemes on our various educational sites, from minor maintenance works to developing and building entirely new secondary schools. As social infrastructure planning consultants, managing agents, project managers and premises management experts, we take a great deal of pride in drawing on our extensive knowledge of the educational sector to have a direct and positive impact on the future of education in the UK.

Educational consultants for schools, property developers and stakeholders across the united kingdom

Educational Facilities Management is a specialist educational consultancy, providing premises management services directly to primary and secondary schools, higher learning colleges and academies across the UK. In addition to these services, we draw on our extensive experience within the educational sector to offer a management consultancy service to stakeholders, developers, planning consultants and other related parties who have an interest in the ongoing provision of state education and its supporting infrastructure throughout the United Kingdom. 

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Our dedicated team of consultants are professional and efficient, with a wealth of experience in the educational sector. We are committed to providing clients with the best advice and guidance possible in this field. Among others, our specialists can provide expert knowledge around the following areas:
  • Assessing future educational needs 
  • Developing and building new schools, including educational planning obligations
  • Local Educational Authority strategy
  • Managing existing school facilities in a manner that creates an efficient, productive and safe learning environment
social infrastructure planning & residential development consultants

Our consultants provide expert advice to house builders, developers and Local Education Authorities. We work on behalf of our clients to effectively analyse the impact of a new housing development on local educational infrastructures. 
As a  managing agent in schools we assume responsibility for all health and safety, property and infrastructure-related services in the building. These services allow those running the schools to concentrate on the key activity: the provision of education.

Social infrastructure planning

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