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Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL)

Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL) were introduced across the UK in April 2015 in order to facilitate good infrastructure planning and support the development of a local area. They essentially comprise a levy, payable by developers and landowners to Local Authorities, to support the community’s infrastructural needs and thereby sustain manageable growth.

In order to introduce a proposed levy, Local Authorities must seek consultation and hold hearings regarding the payment they wish to collect. For both property developers and local councils, it is vital to ensure that the amount of levy to be applied is both fair and appropriate. To this end, many clients, including Local Authorities and house-builders, seek expert advice regarding CIL compliance and negotiation. 

Service options: Development impact assessments

At Educational Facilities Management we specialise in carrying out development impact assessments, with a focus on analysing the influence of housing developments on local school infrastructure. This methodology puts us in an excellent position to not only evaluate the systematic impact of our development projects, but also to provide well-grounded advice around CIL compliance and audits. We are uniquely placed to undertake research and analysis on proposed Community Infrastructure Levies, ensuring that a fair payment can be negotiated for both Local Authorities and house-builders.

CIL compliance and audits

With the CIL compliance consulting service through EFM, we apply our expertise to ensure your CIL applications are compliant and of maximum benefit to you and the community. Clients have the flexibility to be as involved as they wish throughout the process. Whether you want to complete the groundwork yourself or you would rather we take care of the whole thing, we are able to work around your requirements to negotiate you the best possible deal.

Services for Local Authorities

Our support services are not just available for house-builders. We are also happy to advise Local Authorities on:
  • CIL implementation
  • Finding solutions to the various impacts of development
  • Acting as a third-party adjudicator with regard to disagreements between stakeholders.
Services for schools

In acting as a premises management agent for schools,  Educational Facilities Management aims to relieve educational establishments from the time-consuming activity of property and infrastructural maintenance tasks. This frees up time for the school staff to concentrate on providing quality education. For a more detailed overview of our services for schools,click here.
For more information on the services we provide, call us on 020 3367 2207
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