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Professional facilities management consultants for schools, stakeholders and developers

Educational Facilities Management was established in 1990 by former teacher Steve Clyne, with the original intention of providing premises management expertise for schools operating under the Education Reform Act 1988 and subsequent legislation (Local Management of Schools). Since that time, we have worked closely with schools, Local Education Authorities and a wide variety of other clients, providing professional consultancy advice and project management services to support the ongoing provision of state education. These services have included:

• Procurement of new buildings
• School place planning
• Estate rationalisation
• Disposals
• Site development
• Site management
• Staff and contract management for core school clients
• Management of cleaning, catering, grounds, maintenance and repairs
• Management of Asset Management Plans, PFI, SRB, National Lottery, Specialist Schools applications and external financing schemes for schools

Local Education Authority strategists and premises management experts

Education Facilities Management are an established facilities management consultant and project management firm, dedicated to providing a range of services related to the infrastructure and maintenance of schools and academy sites in London. The core of our business comprises school premises management, consultancy advice in the educational sector and school place provision forecasting. Working with developers, Local Education Authorities, stakeholders and a large number of educational establishments, we have developed an excellent reputation as the go-to  consultants for all those with a direct interest in providing for the future of education.

Who do we work with?

If you are a school governor, a head teacher, a Local Education Authority or a developer with a vested interest in educational infrastructure, maintenance or provision, Educational Facilities Management can provide expert advice as specialist premises management consultants and Local Education Authority strategists.
Since the inception of PFI,  Educational Facilities Management has also worked extensively with many of the major PFI bidders on schools, colleges and hospital projects across England and Scotland. Meanwhile, those tasked with assessing future educational needs and how they should be implemented, or those looking to build entirely new schools, can benefit from our specialist expertise and dedication to maintaining best practice in the field as premesis management consultants. We also act as education advisers to investors in negotiation with schools, local authorities and the DfES, bringing significant investment to school sites to enhance facilities.
Our specialist school planning services

A huge number of structural changes in state-funded education have been implemented since the inception of Educational Facilities Management in 1990. We have seen not only the arrival of local management but also CTCs, grant maintained schools, community schools, foundation schools and PFI schools, as well as an increase in the number of academies. And with free schools and UTCs being established in increasing numbers, the pace of change is only forecasted to speed up.
At Educational Facilities Management, we have been at the forefront of these developments as they unfold, engaging productively with Local Authorities and the Department for Education to secure the very best deal for our clients. With a deep-seated understanding of the educational and organisational needs of schools, developed over nearly thirty years in the industry, we are uniquely placed to organise the provision of appropriate accommodation and services for schools throughout the UK. 
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