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professionals in school catering and facilities management

As the industry leaders in school catering and facilities management,  Educational Facilities Management is able to provide a wide variety of educational facilities management services for schools, academies and colleges across the UK. These services include:

• School building management
• Health & safety risk assessments
• School cleaning, meals, grounds maintenance and repair
• Line managing caretakers
• Acting as Next Friend to core client base

A comprehensive range of facility management services for schools

Our years of experience working with educational establishments means  Educational Facilities Management possesses a wealth of specialist knowledge relating to all aspects of school facilities management including cleaning, school catering, grounds maintenance and repair. Whether you are a school governor, head teacher or bursar, our  services will allow you to improve the infrastructure and general maintenance of your school – enabling a positive knock-on effect that sees an overall improvement in performance within your school or educational establishment.

Expert consultants, dedicated to improving your schools

Within the educational sector, efficient facilities and infrastructure are the very foundation for a high-achieving school. Poor facility management does not only create an unproductive learning environment, but a costly one too. At  Educational Facilities Management, our expert consultants are equipped to examine current practices within UK schools and academies and identify areas which could benefit from an improved solution. From there, our specialists are able to recommend and implement well-researched improvements to increase the overall efficiency of the building –cutting down on costs, and allowing educational staff to give their full attention to teaching.
A flexible range of solutions

At Educational Facilities Management we work with a huge range of budgets. Our expert team is always able to provide an exemplary, professional service within the field of school infrastructure planning. Every solution is tailored to your requirement. With our exceptional reputation and high proportion of referral business, we remain the most trusted facilities management specialists in the UK school sector.

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 Educational Facilities Management’s school catering and facilities management services can greatly improve your school’s infrastructure. Call us now on 020 3367 2207 to make an enquiry and find out how we can help.
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