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Educational facilities management for schools across the United kingdom

 Educational Facilities Management has been a specialist in educational facilities  and premises management for schools and educational establishments for almost thirty years. Drawing on a wealth of experience from the forefront of structural educational developments, we bring a deep understanding of the organisational and regulatory needs of schools in order to provide exceptional services.

School building management, advice, consulting and income generation ventures

At  Educational Facilities Management, we can provide a wide range of specialist services aimed at maintaining and improving the infrastructure, health and safety and capital generation of state-funded schools across the Unite Kingdom. From providing maintenance services directly, to working with schools in an advisory capacity, we go above and beyond to put our tools and expertise at the disposal of state education establishments, creating a better future for schools across the UK.
Our services include:
  • School building management
  • Health & safety risk assessments
  • Procurement of new buildings
  • Facilities management, including cleaning, catering, grounds maintenance and repair
  • Generating funding through Asset Management Plans, PFI, SRB, National Lottery and Specialist Schools applications
  • Capital bidding for Voluntary Aided, Foundation and Community Schools
  • Attracting investment from regeneration funds and the private sector
  • Building new facilities

What sets us apart?

Since our inception in 1990, we have been widely recognised throughout the educational sector  for our comprehensive understanding of the educational and organisational needs of schools regarding appropriate accommodation, planning and services. 
With constant demands on time and the exacting requirements of many regulatory bodies, being able to benefit from the specialist knowledge of a consulting firm relieves the pressures weighing on many educational establishments. We are available to guide and advise throughout the entire decision-making process, with the goal of creating smoothly-run, high-achieving educational organisations – and compliant and efficient new developments.
Education funding projects: we can help

Over many years,  Educational Facilities Management has built a reputation and strong partnerships by maintaining good contacts with many of the major players in both the public and private sectors in the fields of public and non-public funding of capital projects in education. In advising education investors alongside property developers and Local Authorities, we also have the capacity to negotiate significant investment funds for the benefit of the school’s facilities.
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 Educational Facilities Management's specialist facilities management services can save your school time and money. Call us now on 020 3367 2207 
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